Am I Geopathically Stressed?

If you are finding it impossible to recover from an illness or depression, or do not have the same energy you had a few months or years ago, ask yourself:

1) Did I experience my current health problem shortly after relocating to this house or changing my work place?

2) Does my condition improve when I am not at home/work place?

3) Does anyone living with me feel uncomfortable about the home “atmosphere”?

4) What was the health condition of the previous occupants? Did they experience any major or long lasting illness?

5) Is there a change in my condition during spring or autumn or wet, stormy weather? (Your condition may worsen during these times as there may be underground water flowing with increased velocity.)

6) Could some nearby activity, such as construction and mining, have resulted in underground water veins starting to flow into various channels underneath my home before I got ill?

7) Is my house or a portion of it colder or damper than normal?

8.) Is my cat fond of my bed or chair? If it likes to sleep in my bed, does it prefer the part of the bed where I sleep. Cats and other animals such as Bees, Wasps and Ants like GS.

9.) Are there any cracks in the concrete walls or ceilings of my home or the footpaths outside it? GS can crack concrete.