• A few weeks after moving into my new home Sean came to clear the land and house. Its an old cottage on land and the site had been lived on for a few hundred years. He spent some time working in and around the house and in some of the old out houses at the back of the property. There was a lovely peaceful and welcoming feeling after he finished the energy work. He told me the spirits of the land were happy to have me and my children living on the site. We all feel very relaxed and there is a great sense of peace and relaxation in and around the home. Thanks Sean for the great work. Highly Recommended.

I had noticed that energetically our home had become quite heavy. Also when any of us got ill, it was taking a long time to recover from flu/ viral infections etc.

I made contact with Sean and discussed my concerns and he agreed to do a house clearing(balancing)/ checking for geopathic stress.

Sean was friendly, warm and very professional and he discovered that there were a number of geopathic  stressors within and outside the house which he cleared. Through this process the energies in the house were rebalanced. . Sean indicated that it can take a number of weeks to see changes and sometimes energies are not changed immediately.

However I believe there is an improvement in our general health and wellbeing. I would without hesitation recommend Sean.

Catherine – Clonmel.


I just want to let you no how I found the land clearing you done for me.
My name is Mary I have a farm of about 60 acres I live in Fermanagh near Tyrone border.
My son looks after the farm for me.
I never. Knew anything about land clearing until a few things started to go wrong. Such as 2 calves and a cow died within a week. Plus 2 tyres of big wheels of tractor were cut after only been put on a week earlier. And other little things. I really did not no what was going on.
Then a friend suggested l should get the land cleared and I heard of Sean.
Sean came and explained a bit about it and I said we will go ahead with it. I knew something had to be done.  It was when Sean went into the fairy fort, I knew then we had thr right man to help us. It’s as if our farm and we ourselves are more at peace now. It’s difficult to explain.   I just know what I feel. It took about 6 weeks to see big changes.
It was money well spent everything settled down.
It also changed things inside the house. There is more peace and a sense of calmness.
Don’t be afraid to give Sean a call.
Thank you Sean.

Mary – Fermanagh/Tyrone.


I feel I have to write to say how much I appreciate the new atmosphere in our house.   There was tension between my husband and I. The kids couldn’t concentrate on homework, were disruptive in school. Neither of us could explain why.  In fact, we weren’t communicating with each other very well.  It was as it there was something, someone  in the house preventing us from being close.  I had lost babies before and was as if they wanted ro be spoken to, included in our family lives. I spoke to a friend.  She recommended that I contact Sean.  I’m really glad I  did now.  He listened to me, I could tell he didn’t judge me.  He was easy to talk to.   He put my mind at ease.  We spoke in confidence.  That was very important to me.   It’s as if my babies are back where they belong, in our home.  We have peace in our home again.  Things seem to be better on the farm too.  I’m emotional writing this.  I thank Sean for the good work he does.

Kay – Kilkenny.


Sean cleared my house a month ago. I couldn’t believe the difference it made, all the heaviness has shifted in the house since and everybodies mood has lifted, even the dog seems calmer!  I can’t thank you enough Sean. I don’t usually write recommendations but I just feel obliged too. I would highly recommend Sean.

Johnny – Midlands.